Body Postures And You – IV

Concluding our four part series that highlights the need for ‘Ergonomics’ to curb work related injuries and illnesses, Orthopaedic Specialist and Sports Physiotherapist- Dr. Zahra Hussain points out the importance of ‘Force’ and ‘Time’ and its implications in our routine office life. Undisciplined office related activities include working in awkward positions for hours without taking […]

Homeopathy And Depression

No one is exempt from depression, the ‘common cold’ of psychiatric illness. We all go through it sometime, or the other — each in our own way. Besides, we all react to life’s innumerable problems differently. Depression affects more than 200 million people worldwide. In the worst scenario, it can lead to suicide. Over the […]

Psoriasis And Homeopathy

Psoriasis is a long-lasting skin disorder typically characterized by red, itchy and scaly patches on the skin. It is a relapsing skin disease in which skin cells rapidly rise from their origin below the surface of the skin and mount up on the surface before they mature resulting into thick patches on the skin. Psoriasis […]

Body Posture and You – Part I

Specialist in Orthopaedic and Sports Physiotherapy, and a certified therapist in Kinesiology Taping and Mulligan Therapy, Physiotherapist Dr. Zahra Hussain lends her extensive expertise to the wellness-benefit of Parsi Times readers. Having practiced in some of Mumbai’s top hospitals and running her own practice, Zahra elucidates the various importance of how one could optimize physical […]

Lions Club Helps K.E.M.

Lions Club Helps K.E.M. Lions Club of Byculla once again helped out the Ophthalmology Department of K.E.M. Hospital, by donating equipments worth INR 5.75 lakhs. These included a horizontal cylindrical high pressure sterilizer, nano servo sterilizer console and a hand held keratometer. These machines are very essential to sterilize the equipments which are used for […]

Natural ingredients For Skin Care

Combat Those Pimples

A pimple on the skin doesn’t leave easily with soaring temperatures. With the right diet, one can achieve one’s goals of a clear complexion. Here are a few tips to a flawless skin: Cleanse your face with warm water and soap free face-wash. Apply cleansing milk and rub it in till oil floats. Remove with […]