Shark Attack!

Two years ago, TVS showcased its Akula (Shark, in Russian) concept motorcycle which enamoured enthusiasts with its aggressive stance. The wait is finally over. On December 6, 2017, TVS Motor launched its most advanced and expensive product till date – the TVS Apache RR 310. The RR 310 incidentally is also the first fully faired […]

Why I Gave Up On Religion And Embraced Spirituality – A Millennial’s Approach

A teenager usually has a myriad chores and obligations that he/she might have to fulfil, be it academic, social or extra-curricular. Religion, spirituality and thought under normal circumstances are of no apparent aid. They appear to be ubiquitously used, yet are paradoxical and loosely defined concepts that seem to be growing seemingly distant from the […]

ASHDEEN – Designing Heirlooms Of Tomorrow

Designer, author and curator, Ashdeen Lilaowala, under his eponymous label, ‘ASHDEEN’, has been instrumental in reviving the traditional Parsi gara embroidery works. Delhi-based Ashdeen often holds exhibition across India, and showcased his exquisite Parsi gara designs at Della Towers, Dadar, Mumbai, on 24th and 25th February, 2017. He presented the traditional gara embroidery designs with […]

Chomp And Cheers: With The Perfect Parsi Prawn/Fish Curry-Chawal And Sesame Seeds Laddo (Til Na Laddo) And The Revolver

The Perfect Parsi Prawn/Fish Curry-Chawal Ingredients: 500 gms Prawns or 2 medium sized Pomfrets, cut into slices; 1 whole tin – Coconut milk; Oil; Salt to taste; Fresh Coriander leaves for garnish; Grind/blend together the following: Half – Fresh Coconut; Sprig of Curry leaves; 1 tsp. – Coriander seeds; ½ tsp. – Mustard seeds; ½ […]