Up For A Pup?

Rani is a gorgeous, less than two-year-old, purebred Doberman with the temperament of an angel. She understands basic commands. She’s been vaccinated and spayed – so there is no scope for breeding. She’s very gentle and loves cuddles and being a lap dog. She’s not guard dog material. She gets along with other dogs given […]

Cocker Spaniel

Originally descended from the Land Spaniels of Spain, the Cocker Spaniel was developed in England as a hunting and retrieving dog. The English Cocker Spaniel initially belonged to the large family of Spaniels and got its separate identity from the American Cocker Spaniel in 1892. The description of ‘Cocker’ probably originated from the use of […]

Up For A Pup?

. Four gorgeous puppies are looking for loving, forever-homes for Adoption in Mumbai only. They are 45-days old and are half German Shepherd (father) and half Black Labrador (mother) mix (three girl-pups and one boy-pup). These little innocent angels have beautiful temperaments and are extremely loving and intelligent. They love human companionship and can play […]

Hush Puppy!

“Arf! Woof! Awhhooo! Rrruff!” It’s 5 am and that wretched dog is at it again! Fuming you wonder what has triggered off the barking frenzy this time. But before you fling your pillow at him, stop and listen. Perhaps he is trying to tell you something. Dogs are social creatures and use barking as a […]