Om Ganeshaya Namaha

Ancient Indian literature, both, spiritual as well as historical, has several references to Lord Ganesha- the lovable elephant-God who is the deity of beginnings and a terrific trouble-shooter (vignaharta). The Skandapurana delineates his origin while the Ganesh Purana is named after him. The Nagdala Purana says that rishis and munis bowed before him saying, ‘Om Ganeshaya Namaha’ (meaning, I bow to Lord Ganesha). The Yajnavalkya […]

Sacred Esoteric Symbols

Sacred symbols have been used since ages to express the profound spiritual, metaphysical and philosophical concepts regarding man and his evolution towards the Supreme Reality. Symbols are found in various forms across different religions of the world and their universality can be substantiated by their appearance in widely separated cultures. Every symbol yields a wealth […]