Celebrity Marriages

The German philosopher Goethe said that “Love is an ideal thing, marriage is a real thing and a confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished.” Now, in a way, every married couple is a ‘Karmic Couple’ since marriage is the biggest Karmic-connection to settle trials and dues of past births. However, today an ordinary […]

The Healing Power Of Sleep

Shakespeare recognised the remarkable recuperative, curative and invigorating properties of sleep. To him, sleeplessness was one of the greatest curses of man, it put one out of harmony with nature, ruining both body and mind. Fifteen hundred years before Shakespeare, in ancient Greece, sick people were brought to the temple of Morpheus, the God of dreams, and left there overnight to recuperate. In the tradition of […]

How A Woman Transformed A Dacoit Into A Saint!

The legend of Jesal-Toral is famous in most parts of Gujarat, particularly in Saurashtra. It is the story of Toral, the saint-poetess who transformed a dreaded dacoit into a saint. It was a reign of terror in Kutch for several years during the 14th century, thanks to a dacoit called Jesal, who unleashed untold cruelty and violence on all sentient beings. One night, […]