How A Woman Transformed A Dacoit Into A Saint!

The legend of Jesal-Toral is famous in most parts of Gujarat, particularly in Saurashtra. It is the story of Toral, the saint-poetess who transformed a dreaded dacoit into a saint. It was a reign of terror in Kutch for several years during the 14th century, thanks to a dacoit called Jesal, who unleashed untold cruelty and violence on all sentient beings. One night, […]

Om Ganeshaya Namaha

Ancient Indian literature, both, spiritual as well as historical, has several references to Lord Ganesha- the lovable elephant-God who is the deity of beginnings and a terrific trouble-shooter (vignaharta). The Skandapurana delineates his origin while the Ganesh Purana is named after him. The Nagdala Purana says that rishis and munis bowed before him saying, ‘Om Ganeshaya Namaha’ (meaning, I bow to Lord Ganesha). The Yajnavalkya […]