Mystical Manali

Mumbaikars! Imagine lounging on a deck chair on the side of a river, feet dipped in cool mountain spring water, day time temperatures hovering around the 18 degree Celsius mark, a cool refreshing drink in hand and the sound of busy birds ringing in your ears. Then, the ding-dong of the doorbell violently pierces through […]

Stunning Leh

She was beautiful. We took her out for a ride. She sounded purrrfect! The ‘THUMP’ was just right on this one year old. This was going to be my ride for the next 10 days! I’m talking about the 350cc Royal Enfield Motorcycle, on which we rode 475 kms from Manali to Leh – what […]

Monsoon Masti

Isn’t there a connection between the earthy scent that emanates from the soil when touched by the first raindrops, and the nostalgia it triggers? The word describing that scent is ‘Petrichor’. Now if one were to forage the length and breadth of this concrete jungle for that perfect patch of soiled paradise, replete with nature’s […]

A Beautiful Sunset at Harnai Beach

હરનાઈની સફર નરેન્દ્ર અગ્રવાલ સાથે

જ્યારે આપણે રેતાળ સમુદ્ર કિનારાનો વિચાર કરીએ ત્યારે આપણી નજર સમક્ષ સૌપ્રથમ આવે છે ગોવા. હા ગોવાનો દરિયા કિનારો, સફેદ રેતાળ દરિયાકિનારો અને સોનેરી સૂર્યાસ્ત, ગોવામાં રતન જેવા ઘણા જ સુંદર રેતાળ દરિયા કિનારાઓ છે અને આવું જ એક સુંદર મણી જેવું છે ‘હરનાઈ’. મુંબઈથી હરનાઈ ૨૩૦ કિલોમીટર દૂર છે. મુંબઈથી જૂના મુંબઈ ગોવાના બાય […]

A Beautiful Sunset at Harnai Beach

Heartfelt Harnai

Travel Guru and Corporate Trainer, Narendra Agarwal is a traveler, photographer and a ‘permanent’ nomad. In twenty eight years of travelling, he has explored twenty seven states and five union territories of India and more than twenty countries neighboring India, Europe and the Far East. He has followed adventure, climbing Himalayan peaks, diving oceans, skiing […]