Thank You

Dear Editor and Parsi Times team, I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for the lovely write up you published highlighting the recent past. I am so honoured to be part of such a trend setting newspaper! So many Parsi youngsters have come up to me and congratulated me about this and have […]

Wake Up Call?

Dear Community members, You are probably well aware that our community is heading straight towards extinction in India -according to demographic studies, our number will be down to 20,000 by 2050, if not earlier. So, if you wish to wake up from ‘Khavasni, Pivasni and Suvasni’ (good food, good drinks and good sleep), here’s two […]

Good Going, BPP!

Dear Editor, It indeed is a landmark in the annals of BPP, that in a short phase, after having shouldered the onerous responsibility as trustees, the superb team led by Shri Yazdi Desai, has pulled off a hat-trick of sorts. Just marvelous! Admirably, week after week there happens to be a constant flow of allotment […]