Zoroastrian Charity Funds Of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao To Extend Financial Support To Parsi Pallbearers (Nassesalars/ Khandhias) Across Various Dakhmas In India

In Zoroastrian theology, all dead matter is considered unhygienic and polluting. Parsi Pallbearers (Nassesalars and Khandhias) are corpse-bearers invested with priest-like duties and are responsible for protecting the living from contamination by the corpse. Theologically, pallbearers are supposed to hold a venerated position, but that is sadly not the case in the present times. Only […]

Khushru Jijina Felicitated at EPC World Awards and Brand Vision Summit

Recognised as ‘CEO of the Year’ at the 8th EPC World Awards. Conferred with ‘The Extraordinaire Game Changers’ Award at the Brand Vision Summit. In addition, Piramal Capital & Housing Finance receives as ‘Outstanding Company in Infra Finance’ at the 8th EPC World Awards. Mr. Khushru Jijina, Managing Director, Piramal Capital & Housing Finance has […]

Update: Kerala Floods Relief & Rehabilitation by WZOTF And Kinder Trust

WZO Trust is pleased to inform donors, well wishers and community members, an update of the various relief and rehabilitation measures undertaken by the World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust Funds, in joint initiative with the Kinder Trust, towards the devastating Kerala Floods which caused massive destruction to life and land. The first public appeal for funds […]