Dear Friends, The Save Rani Bagh Botanical Garden Foundation has set up an online petition,, to register public opposition to BMC’s shockingly anti-people proposal to increase the entry fee for visiting VJB Udyan, from Rs.5 to Rs.100 per adult and from Rs.2 to Rs.25 per child! We appeal to you to sign the petition, ‘We oppose BMC’s […]

Know Your Bombay!

Churchgate: Officially known as Veer Nariman Street, the origin of the name Churchgate is dated back to 18th century. The term ‘church’ came from St. Thomas Church located half a kilometre away from the railway station and the term, ‘gate’ owes its origin to a gate that was located on the spot where Flora Fountain […]

તમારી સ્પાઈનનું (કરોડરજ્જુ) રક્ષણ

તમારી સ્પાઈન કેટલી સુરક્ષિત છે? સ્પાઈનનું રક્ષણ કરવું અત્યંત મહત્વનું છે કારણ કે તે સીધી મગજ સાથે જોડાય છે અને તમારા શરીરના અન્ય ભાગોને સંકેત આપવાનું કામ મગજ કરે છે. તમારી કરોડરજ્જુની દેખરેખ કઈ રીતે લેશો તે જાણો: *યોગ્ય મુદ્રામાં બેસવું અત્યંત જ‚રી છે. *તમા‚ં ગળું, ખભા ને પીઠના ભાગને જેમ બને તેમ સરળ રાખવાની […]

Tanya’s Athletic Glory!

11-year-old Tanya Vakil of JB Vachha High School, made her parents, BPP Athletic Coaches and her Principal Banoo Makoojina proud at the recently held  Annual Athletic Meet in her school, where she bagged five gold medals and was crowned ‘Individual Champion’, ‘Best Athlete of the Meet’ and awarded ‘The Most Promising Athlete’ trophy.