Men Of La Mummo-Chachcho

I am surprised, nay shocked, Meherbai and her vociferous, or is it voracious, baug-brigade has not censured all the verbal diarrhoea that is being spewed out by the so-called leaders of our destiny, of our Bharat, i.e. India. Hungry for power, these leaders(?)  use a language that would make a sailor blush! Elections seem to […]

Film Review: Naam Shabana

The phenomenal success of the 2015 Neeraj Pandey directed ‘Baby’ (oh yes, it was Akshay Kumar’s baby back then) undoubtedly inspired him to write ‘Naam Shabana’, a prequel to explain the female protagonist’s entry into the faceless agency that looks after the country’s security. Shabana, a martial arts champion, lives with her mother Farida (Natasha […]

Film Review: A Dog’s Purpose

Adapted from W. Bruce Cameron’s 2010 novel — with a few changes — A Dog’s Purpose is a charming, and at times, sentimental tale of a dog’s life and his purpose on earth, vis-à-vis humans. Narrated by the dog Bailey (voice of Josh Gad) the film starts off with a young Red Retriever being adopted […]

Film Review: Poorna

At 13 years, one is just about old enough to learn about the Himalayas, notably its tallest peak Mount Everest. On 25 May 2014, Malavath Poorna, the impoverished daughter of poor and illiterate Adivasi village-folk in Telengana, became the youngest female to ascend the famed peak. In his second directorial effort (Everybody Says I’m Fine, […]

Meherbai And The Story Of ‘25 Slaps’

At their usual Chai-pe-Charcha session, this time at the US Club at Colaba, Meherbai’s Mandli drove the waiter crazy (so what’s new?) with each one ordering a different dish and different preferences ranging from “Don’t put salt!”, “Put more salt!”, “No Ajinomoto in the soup!”, ” Yes, more Ajinomoto!”, “Make it sweet!”, “No sugar please!”, […]