From The Editor's Desk

From the Editors Desk

Let’s ‘CAB’ (Covid-Appropriate-Behaviour) It! Dear Readers, Over the past months, the one buzz-word, or rather, buzz-phrase that seems to increasingly cement its presence in our lives is ‘Covid-Appropriate-Behaviour’ (CAB). And with very good reason, what with the second wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic engulfing our nation, after a temporary decline in cases from September […]

Mehli Irani – A Tribute Remembering Our Jolly Veteran Ace Cricketer

Mumbai produces numerous power-packed and talented cricketers time and again. The magic they generate through their game has always earned them respect and an immense fan-following across the world. India’s former ace cricketer, Mehli Irani, was one such loved and respected personality from Mumbai Cricket’s Hall of Fame. The ever-smiling and cheerful ‘Mehli uncle’ (that’s […]