Munchi Cama Case Update

On 10th November, 2016, the case for Munchi Cama’s application for a stay order restraining the Trustees of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet from carrying out any work of the Trust for the community, came up yet again. The lawyer, for BPP Trustees Zarir Bhathena, Noshir Dadrawala and Chairman Yazdi Desai, argued against the maintainability of […]

Letters To The Editor

Winds Of Change Dear Editor, On Tuesday the 8th of November, the world’s two largest democracies, India and the US, witnessed unexpected and tumultuous events: PM Modi launched an all-out war on unaccounted wealth by demonetising currency notes of the value of Rs.500 and Rs.1000, and the US citizens voted in an unexpected and possibly […]

Your Moonsign Janam Rashi This Week –
12th November – 18th November

મરહુમ મહારાજ શ્રી સ્વયંજ્યોતિના સહકાર્યકર્તા જયેશ એમ. ગોસ્વામી ARIES | મેષ: અ.લ.ઈ. ૨૫મી ડિસેમ્બર સુધી ગુ‚ની દિનદશા ચાલશે તેથી તમારા અટકેલા કામ ફરી ચાલુ કરી શકશો. નાણાકીય બાબતમાં ઈનવિઝિબલ હેલ્પ મળી જશે. જે પણ કામ કરશો તેમાં ફાયદાનો વિચાર નહીં કરો. ગુ‚ની કૃપાથી ઘરવાળાની સાથે ખૂબ જ સારાસારી થતી જશે. ઘરમાં તમા‚ં માનપાન વધી જશે. તબિયતની […]

Himalayan Calling

Visually, the launched-this-year Royal Enfield (RE) Himalayan with a 220mm ground clearance comes across as a relatively tall adventure motorcycle, which can be rather intimidating to individuals who are challenged in the in-seam. Pleasantly, once astride, you figure the seat height at 800mm is pretty acceptable. One then settles in the comfortable seat gripping the […]

US Gets Trumped!

The United States of America voted in Republican Presidential candidate, Donald John Trump, 70, as its 45th President on 9th November, 2016, in a shocking culmination of a populist and divisive campaign that ceaselessly attacked the institutions and long-held ideals of American democracy, proving wrong all the polls, the pundits and the data! ! Trump […]