Meherbai Returns From Her World Tour!

For Parsi Times readers who’ve been wondering where our Meherbai had disappeared to, from their favourite Parsi-newspaper, the mystery finally unfurls… but in the meanwhile… Abhan Aban thought that Meher aunty had applied too much vanishing cream and vanished! Sagan-No-Gathyo Sorab thought she had become Late i.e. gujri gaya and therefore the ‘Late Meherbai’! Hormusji Homeopath thought the […]

Follow The Rules And Investment ‘Karona’!

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” – Sir Winston Churchill. The Coronavirus has triggered panic in stock markets worldwide, causing sharp falls. Investors are increasingly worried about the broader economic effects as trade gets disrupted and demand turns soft. The latest count, when this article […]

Come September And The Theory of Diminishing Marginal Utility!

Come September, and one eagerly awaits the ‘lagan’ and ‘navjote’ season… looking droolingly forward to Patra-ni-machhi, chicken farcha, (or their other culinary avatars), a dollop of Bharuchi-akuri, and of course, the inevitable pulao-dar, alongside the other trimmings of a Lagan-nu-patru. Come February, and we are like – ‘OMG! Not again! Yet another invite and one […]

Rural Zoroastrians Of South Gujarat – Their Tryst With Destiny

In 1987, Dr. Cashmera P Bhaya conducted a sample (not census) socio-economic survey of poor Zoroastrians residing in the villages of South Gujarat. She identified 687 Zoroastrian families from 209 villages living in miserable conditions, many of them way below the poverty line, which in those days was pegged at an annual family income of […]