I swear to God, there was nothing wrong with Mahim creek yesterday… Greenish-black sludge muttered as it swept unwillingly under the railway bridge. It smelled evil, with the air of the vindictive offered vengeance. Perhaps assaulting the nostrils of commuting Mumbaikars twice a day was about all the vengeance it could extract… but in a […]

Higher Education Scholarships For Minority Communities Doubled In Maharashtra

The Maharashtra government has doubled the scholarship for seven notified minority communities including Muslims, Christians, Jains, Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jews. Students belonging to these communities who are pursuing higher education are now entitled to an annual scholarship of Rs. 50,000/- as compared to the earlier Rs. 25,000/-. The revised scholarship amount is implemented for […]

Khordad – Celebrating The Spirit Of Perfection!

Today, 15th October, 2022 (Roj Hormazd, Mah Khordad) and 20th October will be the parab of Khordad (Roj Khordad, Mah Khordad) according to the Shehenshahi Calendar. Khordad is the third month of the Zoroastrian calendar and it brings blessings of purity and perfection. Khordad (Avesta Haurvatat) is not only an Amesha Spenta presiding over the purifying waters, it also embodies […]