Lord Billimoria Honored

On the 9th November, 2016, an event was organised jointly by Britain’s Zoroastrian All Party Parliamentary Group and the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe, commemorating Cobra Beer founder, Lord Karan Bilimoria’s ten years as a Crossbench Peer. The meeting, held in the Commons, also discussed the contribution of British Indians to the UK parliament since […]

Letters To The Editor

Calling For Help Dear Editor, Our PM has taken a revolutionary step by abruptly demonetising the currency. This will definitely help revive the economy and curb funding of terror activity. But I’m concerned about one small thing – today, medical expenses are the biggest burden particularly for senior citizens suffering from chronic diseases. I’m sure […]


‘BRAINIAX’ was held on November 13th 2016 at the J. B. Vachha School, Dadar, organised by XYZ and ZOSTA. With over 200 children from 8 XYZ groups as well as various schools of the city participating, Brainiax was a competition that not only challenged children’s mind to think harder and faster but also brought out […]

Film Review: Force-2

The basic eligibility required of a RAW officer is a martial arts degree: sample ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ (2012) and now ‘Force 2’, and that of an ACP the ability to decipher cryptic messages too – that is, if our filmmakers are to be believed. The top brass of RAW is in a quandary when three […]

Film Review: Shut In

The only genuine twist in the film occurs in the opening minutes of the film — three, to be precise — when the car in which the father and 18-year-old son Stephen (Charlie Heaton) are travelling, crashes, with senior dead and junior paralysed. This was preceded by the viewer being shown Stephen’s copious glares of […]