Protecting Parsi Heritage – MoC Visits Navsari

In keeping with the tireless efforts of PARZOR Foundation and the community over years, Ministry of Culture has shown considerable interest towards the restoration and reawakening initiative in Navsari. Earlier this week, Navsari hosted Shri Raghvendra Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Culture & CEO, Development of Museums and Cultural Spaces (CEO-DMCS), who visited Parsi heritage sites, […]

Bahman – the key to Ushta

To Zoroastrians Bahman Mah is what Shravan Maas is to the Hindus. Just as Hindus avoid non-vegetarian food during Shravan Maas, Zoroastrians also do likewise during Bahman Mah. However, while Hindus also observe fasting during the month of Shravan Zoroastrians do not.  Interestingly in the Zoroastrian calendar of three hundred and sixty-five days there is […]