Healing With Compassion

For all the talk about patient-centered care and a new health-care paradigm – which is most certainly the right way forward, the clinician-patient relationship has always remained relatively one-sided because of the nature of the profession itself. Essentially, patients come to clinicians for help, and the knowledge transfer, advice and guidance most often flows in […]

All Fired Up – Braveheart Fire Officer Kaizad Dastoor

Kaizad Dastoor takes forward the valiant fire-fighting family tradition from his father, Mehernosh Faramroze Dastoor, as well as his grandfather, Faramroze Erachshaw Dastoor – both intrepid Fire-fighters, who greatly inspired Kaizad. While his father served the A’bad Fire Station from 1984 to 2021, being on call 24/7 for any emergencies, and was awarded the prestigious […]