ZAC Celebrates Third Atash Kadeh Salgreh

The third salgreh of the Zoroastrian Association of California’s (ZAC) Atash Kadeh was celebrated with great religious fervor on 13th November, 2019. A Maachi was offered in all five gehs – two of which were Hama Anjuman Maachis, followed by a Hama Anjuman Jashan performed by Ervads Zarrir Bhandara and Jal Birdy. After the Jashan, an informative and interactive talk on ‘Fire’ was delivered by […]

Berjis Desai Launches New Book: ‘The Bawaji: Chronicles of a Vanishing Community’

Having recently launched his book, ‘OH! THOSE PARSIS!’: A to Z of the Parsi Way of Life’ in August this year, eminent lawyer and former journalist, Berjis Desai has unveiled yet another book of his writings titled ‘The Bawaji: Chronicles of a Vanishing Community’, on 9th November, 2019. Penned by lawyer, former journalist and columnist […]

Masina Hosp. Offers New Life Support Cardiac Ambulance Service

On 1st November, 2019, Masina Hospital, in partnership with Shree Multan Seva Samiti and D-Link (India) Ltd., obtained an Advanced Life Support Cardiac ambulance in service of Mumbaikars. Managed by Jeevan Ambulance, it is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment comprising Portable Ventilator, Defibrillator, Multi Para monitor, Suction machine, Medical gases, Syringe pump, alongside emergency medicines – […]

Decade Of ‘Pray Together, Stay Together’ Movement Celebrated At Bhikha Behram Well

25th October, 2019 (Khordad Mah, Ava Roj) marked the ten-year long auspicious celebrations of the ‘Pray Together, Stay Together’ Movement, at Mumbai’s Bhikha Behram Well, initiated in 2009, by two of our Community’s dynamic individuals – Perzon Zend and Hoshaang Gotla. The eve, which was attended by around 75 humdins who packed the venue, commenced […]

PM, Ratan Tata Unveil Book By Group Ch’man Chandrasekaran

On 20th October, 2019, PM Narendra Modi unveiled the book, ‘Bridgital Nation: Solving Technology’s People Problem’, authored by Tata Group Chairman, N. Chandrasekaran and co-authored by Roopa Purshothaman, in the presence of Chairman Emeritus, Ratan Tata, in New Delhi. Modi commended the efforts of the authors and mentioned the ethos and relevance of the book in current […]