Activity High School Celebrates Independence Day & Teacher’s Day, 2020

Keeping the Covid-19 Pandemic in mind, we at Activity High School, under the esteemed guidance of our Principal, Mrs. Perin Bagli, switched to a unique online mode of celebrating Independence Day on 15th August, 2020. All our Teachers, Administrative Staff, Parents and Students, totalling 800 participants congregated online to celebrate Independence Day, ensuring that the […]

Bachi Karkaria Authors ‘The Dowager And The Harlot’

Leading journalist and writer, known for her inimitable satire and exemplary writing style, Bachi Karkaria, recently unveiled her latest book, titled, ‘The Dowager And The Harlot’ (Kindle edition). Available on Amazon and published by Westland Books, as part of eleven new, exclusive short stories, ‘The Dowager And The Harlot’ is Bachi’s engrossing personal memoir about […]

Mumbai Rains Wreak Havoc: Doongerwadi Structures Damaged

Torrential rains on 5th August, 2020, wreaked much mayhem in Mumbai, causing damage to destruction to life, limb and property. And it wasn’t just about the usual water-logging, traffic diversions and flooding. There were uprooted trees, collapsed walls, land-slides, roads cracking and caving in, power shortages and water scarcity, all across Mumbai, with South Bombay […]

In Memoriam

Prof Rumy Mistry was a Senior Member of Baroda University with an area of specialisation in Engineering (Textile)and Higher Education. One of the first supporters of Parzor, his work for his country and community remains remarkable. He was the Chairperson of the Election Committee Of the Baroda Parsi Punchayat. His work with the Federation of […]

Fitness In The Times Of A Lockdown!

As the world around us comes to a standstill with the virtually global lockdown, physical activity gets restricted, taking a toll on your fitness. However, you can continue being fit and focus your pent-up energy with a productive fitness routine. The coronavirus shutdown doesn’t necessarily have to translate to bulging waistlines just because gyms and […]

Coronavirus, Earthquakes And Tsunamis Are Nature’s ‘Tandav’

We know the physical causes that lead to earthquakes and tsunamis, but there are more subtle spiritual issues involved, based on the Karmic principle, that all right actions bring joy, while wrong actions bring grief. When wrong actions reach an extreme, it leads to massive destruction (pralaya) bringing about an en-masse settlement (group-karma) of human […]