Survey Reveals Increasing Religious Diversity in Iran Despite Persecution

As per a recent survey held by a European research organization, the Iranian regime’s policy of discrimination and, in some cases, persecution of non-Shia Muslim groups may be having the effect of driving Iranians to other religions. It would look like the spiritual gap between Iran’s Shia ayatollahs and the citizens they rule, is growing […]

Homeopathy for Diabetics

With over 30 million diabetic patients in India today, you should know that diabetes goes deeper than worrying about your blood sugar levels. It could lead to emotional strain, affect your quality of life and personal relationships. It’s therefore important to educate yourself about diabetes before selecting a treatment alternative. In ‘Diabetes Type 2’, which […]

Meherbai’s Mandli And Their ‘Sufiani’ Musical Evening!

Meherbai’s Mandli had grown up on a staple diet of Hindi movies and Hindi film songs. They could sing any song from any era with great enthusiasm in their usual besura musicality. They had no gyaan of raag, soor or taal, but their love for music was unmatched! Meherbai Mangeshkar suggested a musical evening at her house and her ever-supportive husband […]