PT Push – Firoza (Tarapore) Shroff and Kainaz Tarapore, ‘Jophiel’

Founded by the Mumbai-based, sister duo – Firoza (Tarapore) Shroff and Kainaz Tarapore, ‘Jophiel’ is an endeavor to breathe life into Parsi Gara embroidery, Zardozi and Beadwork – the centuries’ old, soulful art forms heavily influenced by Persian, Chinese and Indian cultures. Established under Ahu Fashion Accessories LLP, Jophiel products celebrate artisanal excellence, and stand […]

Dr. Rashin Jahangiri Ranks First Place In Iran’s Doctoral Entrance Exam

Moobedyar Dr. Rashin Jahangiri has ranked first place in the Ph.D admissions of ‘Ancient Culture and Languages of Persia’, in Iran’s nation-wide highly competitive entrance exams. With only three out of hundreds of candidates being admitted, this marks the very first time in history that a Zoroastrian woman has achieved this honour! A Doctor of […]

Armeen Kapadia Basavaraju Authors ‘Crossroads’

Author Armeen Kapadia Basavaraju recently launched ‘Crossroads’ – comprising short stories – a window in the Parsi community. These stories explore the everyday conversations and emotional nuances that alter and shape the lives of Parsis in modern India, revealing the community’s unique character, quirks and issues that our dwindling community faces. A thought-provoking collection of […]


Parsi Times brings you the weekly schedule of WZCC’s Webinars which have been conducted through the epidemic and have greatly benefitted community members worldwide, with their insightful, informative and highly beneficial sessions, with speakers who are authorities in their respective fields. Our very own tech-guru, Yazdi Tantra has been holding a series of Zoom Meetings […]

Telangana Minorities Commission Calls For Encroachment Report On Parsi Aram Ghar

Based on a petition filed by Omim Maneckshaw Debara, the Telangana State Minorities Commission (TSMC) has granted Nizamabad District Administration and Police a month to file a detailed report on the alleged encroachment of the Parsi Aram Ghar, located in Kanteshwar Village, Nizamabad district. As per the petition, the Parsi Aram Ghar, which is spread […]

Meherbai’s Mandli Goes To A Tea Party!

Kanjoos Kekobad and his even more kanjoos wife, mindhi-Mahazarine, gave a tea party at their house. You see, their surname was ‘Marfatia’, but the entire Mandli called them ‘Mafatia’s as they enjoyed everyone’s hospitality with lunches and dinners, but never invited anyone in return to their house. This time, the Mandli passed a resolution that it was Kanjoos Kekobad’s turn to entertain. […]