Meherbai’s Aphoos – Party Goes Phoos!!

As readers already know, Meherbai and her Mandli of ‘girls’ (all over 70) were a Khanar-Peenar (eating-drinking) bunch who believed in enjoying life to the hilt. They all agreed that in a nation immune to scams, dirty-politics, rapes, poverty, lawlessness, the arrogance of politicians, Bans, demonetization and absconders, a mango-party is God-sent! Meherbai ordered 10 boxes […]

Nowroze Baug’s Tourneys

Nowroze Baug started the summer vacations by organizing ‘The All Parsis Throwball, Direct and Indirect Volleyball Tournaments’, under the joint auspices of Nowroze Baug Play Centre and NN Wadia Welfare League, at the Nowroze Baug grounds, from 6th to 15th April, 2017. With over 32 teams participating in Volleyball and Throwball events, the finals of […]