TechKnow With Tantra:

This site is created by a group of IT professionals aiming to provide fast, comprehensive, convenient and free calculators. Currently, they have over 200 free calculators. grouped into 4 sections – Financial, Fitness & Health, Math and Others. The calculations are based on well-known formulas or equations from textbooks, such as the mortgage calculator, BMI calculator, etc. Calculators […]

From the Editors Desk

It’s Not The Gun, It’s The Hand That Holds It… Dear Readers, As if most of us weren’t already over-dosing on various Social Media and Messaging Platforms (SMMPs), these digital services have assumed an even greater significance since the outbreak of the pandemic. And with good reason…  these cater to one of our most innate […]

The Zen Series: No Shoes

In this seventeenth part of ‘The Zen Series’, a Zen master’s answer to a monk’s innocent question, reveals great wisdom to be applied in life! Socrates believed that the wise person would instinctively lead a frugal life. He himself would not even wear shoes; yet he constantly fell under the spell of the marketplace and […]