From The Editor's Desk

From The Editor’s Desk: Let’s Go Traditional This Festive Season!  

Dear Readers, We will soon head into our favourite time of the year – the exciting and fun, ‘lagan-and-navjote’ season. Undoubtedly, the most exciting part of these much awaited festivities, (apart from the food, of course!) is that we end up meeting virtually every other community member through these auspicious occasions, renewing and re-strengthening our […]

PPCWA Organises Volleyball Tourney

The Parsi Punchayet Complex Welfare Association (PPCWA) organised a Volleyball tournament on 16th September, 2018, with sixteen colony members participating in teams. The event was ably organised by PPCWA representatives including Nilofer Waghchhipawala, Penaaz Bhathena, Arnaz Goimewala, Neville Anklesaria and Zubin Bacha. The event concluded with a vote of thanks to all the participants, winners […]

Film Review: Manto

For those unfamiliar with the subject – Saadat Hasan Manto (1912-1955) was a prolific storywriter who supplemented his earnings by penning film scripts. His writings could be acerbic and vitriolic, but more of that latter. Biographies are generally arduous to navigate, leaving the filmmaker with a tough choice – whom to appease – the paying […]

Don’t Miss The NCPA Jazz Collective

. The NCPA Jazz Collective comprises four talented young musicians who have a spark and enthusiasm for jazz – Jazz/Latin Jazz pianist Pradyumna Singh Manot; vocalist – Sanjeeta Bhattacharya; upright acoustic bass – Abhinav Khokhar; and drummer – Saurav Ghosh. They collectively take the initiative to educate the Indian audience about jazz, at the same time, raise the standards of Indian […]

WZCC-WE Holds Interactive Session With Delnaz Bulsara Sharma

The Women Entrepreneurs (WE) wing of World Zarathusti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) organised an exciting session with first Runner-up of ‘Mrs. India She is India’ Pageant, Delnaz Bulsara Sharma, on 15 September, 2018. Referred (Ideated?) by Chairperson, Homai H.Mehta, the event commenced with Director-Corporate Secretary, WZCC International Board of Directors and Member on the WE […]