From the Editor’s Desk

Let’s Not Go Back To ‘Normal’ Dear Readers, If there’s one thing the Pandemic has taught us, it’s that we can’t afford to be thoughtless anymore… and not just about the precautionary measures we need to mandatorily adopt to escape being the victim of the rampage caused by the deadly virus, for months now. It’s […]

Caption This – 25th July

Calling all our readers to caption this picture! The wittiest caption will win a fabulous prize! Send in your captions at by 29th July, 2020. WINNER: Rekha: Hey ‘SARKAR’, ‘DON’ ko ‘GUDDI’ ‘MILI’, hame kya mila? Amitabh: ‘HUM’ dono ke beech khadi yeh ‘DEEWAR’, gajab ka hai yeh ‘SILSILA’!  By Kayomarz Dotiwalla

Why We Do What We Do

Cyrus, Rustom and Zia are standing by the colony gate, talking animatedly about the upcoming football tournament. Out of nowhere, a Swiggy delivery guy on a bike, rams into a car. There’s an awful sound and everything freezes for a second. Cyrus runs toward the biker, lifting the bike and trying to make sure he’s […]

‘The Mind Essentials’ By Aviva Damania Holds Food Distributions In Dharavi

During the pandemic which has challenged the very survival of an innumerable number of the financially backward classes and slum-dwellers, Aviva Damania, founder of The Mind Essentials, along with The Banyan Tree team, donated and distributed a month’s ration and sanitation kits  to a hundred families, which were in need of basic food to sustain […]

Divine Comedy

In literature, art and cinema, death has been depicted as a terrible thing… the final end, although in reality, it is merely a release from the burden of the physical body and the madness of the world. Every religious tradition recognises that to reach the final truth, one must pass through death. This is the […]