The average Indian’s twin obsessions (pun intended) are cricket and cinema. In making the docu-drama  ‘Sachin’, director James Erskine certainly holds the perfect curriculum vitae, having made films on the world’s three greatest sports —  Football (‘One Night in Turin’, ‘Shooting for Socrates’), Tennis (‘Billie Jean King’) and yes, even Cricket (‘From the Ashes’, of […]

DPCG’s ‘Summer Sports Festival-2017’

The recently organized ‘Summer Sports Festival-2017’ by Dadar Parsee Colony Gymkhana (DPCG), comprised multiple sports including cricket, football and athletics, and was sponsored by WZO Trust Funds, Sterling and Wilson Electricals, Mejmt and Nariman Sports. ‘Floodlit Athletics’ held from 28th to 30th April, 2017, saw 350 athletes participate from across Mumbai and Surat. The BPP […]

Letters To The Editor

Sad And Shameful Behaviour! This letter is in our personal capacity and NOT as members/trustees of any organisation or Trust.  Normally we prefer to abstain from any commenting on any controversial issues, but the recent haranguing of one of the finest gentleman, a member of our community,  Dinshaw Tamboly, is not only disheartening but is […]

BJBSL Celebrates Diamond Jubilee

Bai Jerbai Baug Sports League (BJBSL) in Byculla, commemorated its 75th Anniversary amidst much fanfare, on 20th May, 2017. Commencing with a jasan at 4:30pm, the colony residents and League members gathered on the grounds for an evening comprising entertainment and felicitations. A delightful ‘Fancy Dress Competition’ boasted of children, upto age 14, sashaying gracefully […]

Jasan – A Ritual Act of Worship

During the month of Dae, Parsis perform Jasan ceremonies by way of thanks-giving at home, at their workplace as also at various community centers and places of worship. Colloquially or in ordinary conversation, Jasan means ‘rejoicing’ or an ‘assembly of rejoicing’. This is because the religious ceremony is usually followed by feasting and merriment among […]

Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor Appointed Parsi Member At NCM

Udvada Iranshah Atashbehram’s Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor has been appointed as the new Parsi Member on the Indian Government’s National Commission for Minorities (NCM) to represent the Indian Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian Community. Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor will succeed Dadi Mistry at the NCM. The news of this appointment, which took the community by surprise, broke out […]