Don’t Miss Out GBRWA’s All-Parsi Sports Event!!

With GBRWA’s (Godrej Baug Residents Welfare Association) upcoming All Parsi Sports event just around the corner, the organisers have announced an exciting addition to the sporting activities – the ‘All-Parsis Goal-to-Goal Penalty Shootout Tournament’ – in addition to the other Floodlit events like Throwball, Sepak, Direct and Indirect Volleyball Tournament. To be held from 3rd […]

Mehrzaad Mogrelia Receives Global Pride Award 2021 In Financial Crime Prevention

Resident of Mumbai’s Godrej Baug and an earlier writer with Parsi Times, Financial Crime Investigator – Mehrzaad Mogrelia – recently received the ‘Global Pride Award 2021’ for his contributions and achievements in the field of Financial Crime Prevention. His body of work has established his credentials in the field of Financial Crime Detection and Prevention, through his […]