Renovation At Doongarwadi

Renovation work has commenced at Doongarwadi, including total repair work of the old Rawan Chawl sewer line; reconstruction of the diva room; and providing paver blocks opposite the Doongarwadi Farvardian garden area. The work is being executed by District Planning Development Committee Fund with efforts taken by Mangal Prabhat Lodha, MLA, Malabar Hill and coordinated […]

Body Postures and You – III

Amongst the various factors responsible for Musculo-Skeleton Disorders (MSDs), the most common cause in our daily work life is ‘Repetitive Movements’. Repetitive movements are usually those actions that are repeated every few seconds for extended periods of time. They are often a concern when combined with awkward positions, high forces (speed) or significant amounts of […]

Managing Diabetes

We love food! Non-vegetarian food dominates Parsi/Irani households, and our normal diet of bakery products and sweets invites several health ailments. Therefore, there’s a high prevalence of obesity and related disorders like diabetes in the community. However, wrong eating habits might not be the only cause of this disorder. Other major causes include: Family History – The […]

Market Watch!

The stock market seems to be playing spoiltsport for a while, it has delivered (-) 3% year-to-date and (-) 10% over the last 1 year. Despite this I continue to hold on to my optimism and stick to my stance that the markets will improve in the latter half of this year. However, certain key […]

Meherbai Plans A Vacation

It was the month of May, hot as hell and all Meherbai’s friends were abroad on vacation. “Marerey!  Sorabji Shakespeare was so right about the middle of May being hot and stuffy when he wrote ‘Beware The Ides Of May!’”, she said. “Arreyrey!  What ‘Gotala Ma Goss’ you are doing! It is ‘Beware the Ides of March’.” “March […]

Film Review – Fredrick

Cast: Avinash Dhyani, Tulna Butalia, Prashant Narayanan Films such as Fredrick should be included in every Film study and appreciation course – to show how a film ought not to be made. It’s touted as ‘a thrilling musical journey’; if the sole criterion of ‘musical’ is the sheer number of songs in a film, it […]