Sharpen Your Edge

Your Net-Work Determines Your New Net-Worth! We live in a new world where systematically building and investing to enhance our ‘Social Capital’ is the only long-term sustainable solution to survive, thrive and prosper. To that end, what a brilliant, powerful and timely idea this ‘Udvada Utsav’ has been …particularly, for a unique community like ours, […]

A History Of FDU And Genesis Of IUU

The History of Foundation for Development of Udvada (FDU) Established on September 22, 2003, purely on the initiative of the Prime Minister, Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi, the Foundation for Development of Udvada (FDU) has a very vibrant history! In January 2002, during his stint as Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Modi was present at the […]