Rustom Baug Applauds Its Heroes On Republic Day

During the long and difficult lockdown, stretching mid-March to October, 2020, six Security personnel and five Trust staff volunteered to stay and continue working night and day. in Rustom Baug. Rustom Baug tenants graciously contributed towards their upkeep, which included their lodging (at Neville Hall), meals, personal hygiene supplies, medication etc. In appreciation of their […]

Webinar On Interpretations Of Zarathushtra’s Teachings By Dr. Karishma Koka

Dr. Karishma Koka, the Co-founder of the Ultimate Achievements Academy (London, UK) will conduct a Webinar themed, ‘Interpretations Of Assho Zarathustra’s Teachings In The Gathas With Relevance To Business And Entrepreneurship’ next month. In the Gathas, Dr. Karishma finds Neuro-Cognitive guidance that applies to the essence of the changing times. She finds messages for converting challenges to opportunities. In Asho […]

WZO Trust’s Update On Er. Zahan Turel Who Suffered Burn Injuries

Community members are aware that 15-year-young Mobed Zahan Turel suffered from burns injuries on 24th October, 2020, when his jama caught fire, whilst performing the Rapithvan Geh Boi ceremony, at Goti Adarian, Surat. Since WZO Trusts used their good offices to raise funds from institutions and individuals, details of injuries, treatment, donations and expenditures are […]