A ‘Taxi’ng Time With Sydney Drivers!

Like most Australian cities, Sydney is cosmopolitan. When shopping, visiting a doctor/dentist, attending or teaching at school, going for your job, visiting friends or just walking on the streets, you run into Chinese, Pommies (Englishmen), Kiwis (New Zealanders), Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Iranians, Japanese, Koreans, Malaysians, Yanks (Americans), Africans… and of course, us Parsis! For […]

From the Editors Desk

Let There Be Light… Please! Dear Readers, Just last week the community was finally relieved of the ongoing BPP hubbub, with the announcement that all five current Trustees, had, on their word, signed a consent agreement, to collectively resign and hold brand new elections for all seven trustee seats, next March. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, […]

Sarosh Vandriwala Recognised For His Contributions In Developing Covid Vaccine By Zydus Cadila

Ahmedabad resident, Sarosh Parvez Vandriwala, who works in Zydus Cadila as an Associate Manager in the Research and Development of Vaccines, was recently awarded a certificate of appreciation, for his valuable contributions in the development of nCOV-19 Plasmid DNA Vaccine ZYCOV-D, by Zydus Cadila, Ahmedabad. “We are working on many different vaccines, with special focus […]

Meherbai’s Mandli Meets Over Breakfast!

As always, the young-at-heart Mandli (all in their second childhood), met at their favourite club in South Mumbai. This time, Meherwanji’s childhood friend, Edulji Aadhaar-card and his wife Rati Ration-card were also invited. To test their intelligence, Jhangoo-genius asked, “As far as Covid goes, tell us, which is the safest nation?” Edulji Aadhaar: Simple – Vaccination!! […]