Yasmin Jal Mistry Conferred ‘Dynamic Woman Entrepreneur’ Title At The Prestigious ‘Atal Achievement Awards 2022’

2022 has been a year of great recognitions and honours for Yasmin Jal Mistry, whose achievements continue to make the worldwide Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian community, and the nation, truly proud and inspirational. Ending the year on another note of success in the form of yet another prestigious accomplishment, Yasmin Mistry was felicitated with the ‘Dynamic Woman […]

Kudos To DPYA High School’s Winning Streak!

The Dadar Parsee Youths Assembly (DPYA) High School has indeed much to celebrate in terms of its achievements in the academic year – 2022-2023! In September 2022, DPYA participated in ‘Showcase’, an inter-school competition organized by the Bai Ruttonbai Panday Girls’ High School, commemorating its quasquicentennial anniversary (125 years). Alongside students from schools all across […]

Your Moonsign Janam Rashi This Week –
31 December – 06 January 2023

મરહુમ મહારાજ શ્રી સ્વયંજ્યોતિના સહકાર્યકર્તા જયેશ એમ. ગોસ્વામી .+ ARIES | મેષ: અ.લ.ઈ. રાહુની દિનદશા ચાલુ હોવાથી તમારૂં માથું ઠેકાણા પર નહીં રહે. રોજ બરોજના સીધા કામોને પુરા કરવામાં મુશ્કેલીઓ આવશે. ખાવા પીવા પર ધ્યાન નહીં આપો તો તબિયત બગડી જશે. માથા પરનો બોજો વધી જશે. લેણયાત તમને પરેશાન કરવામાં કોઈ કસર નહીં મુકે. દરરોજ […]

Beating Procrastination Like A Pro In The New Year!

As per a survey, over 65% of all ‘New Year Resolutions Lists’ have ‘Stop Procrastinating’ as one of the top three resolutions! Procrastination, or the act of unnecessarily postponing decisions or actions, is a common problem, which chronically affects approximately a large part of the population, resulting in missed opportunities and increased stress. Procrastination wears […]