Faith Healing

Faith healing is the knowledge of the interaction between the conscious and unconscious mind. A faith healer has this knowledge and heals without any real scientific understanding of the powers and forces involved. He may claim to have a special gift of healing, and the sick person’s blind belief in him may bring results. The […]

Caption This – 3rd April

Calling all our readers to caption this picture! Winning Caption and Winner’s Name Will Be Published Next Week. Send in your captions at by 7th April 2021. WINNER: Biden: I have the strategy for America’s progress and prosperity, right under my Thumb! Putin (smirking): With me around to contend with, how can you be so dumb!?! By Kayomarz Dotiwalla

From the Editors Desk

Setting A Divine Community-Service Precedent Dear Readers, Across the nation and the world, we are respected and admired as a philanthropic community which has always ‘given to all’. We are privileged and take great pride in being reckoned as the descendants of our prophetic ancestors who knew how to take care of their own community, […]

SII Commences ‘Covovax’ Trials In India

Expected Launch By September, 2021 Serum Institute of India (SII), the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines by volume and the biggest Covid-19 vaccine maker, is looking to launch the ‘Covovax’ vaccine – developed in partnership with American vaccine developer Novavax, by September 2021, announced CEO Adar Poonawalla, on 27th March, 2021. Adar added that the Covid-19 vaccine […]

XYZ Karachi’s ‘Ardeshir’s Aces’ Hold Fun Events

‘Ardeshir’s Aces’, XYZ’s international group from its Karachi chapter, is one of its newer groups which was birthed during the lockdown, in July 2020, during the lockdown. This small but enthusiastic group has conducted some fun and amazing events in a short period! In December 2020, ‘Ardeshir’s Aces’ conducted an Xmas Hamper project, pleasantly surprising […]