Meherbai’s Mann Ki Baat

Everyday, Meherbai and Merwanji relaxed in the mornings with hot cups of tea after an hour-long walk, followed by meditation on their Colony’s garden bench, soaking in the early morning pranik shakti, the pure energies of trees, flowers, grass and enjoying their daily bites of nature. Today was no different except that Meherbai went up […]

Letters To The Editor

Re: BPP Clarifies Increase In Service Charges Undisputedly, the clarification given by the Trustees of the BPP vis-à-vis increase in service charges is not only logical and convincing, but has been done honestly without mincing words. One therefore, now feels that in view of the reasons put forth by BPP — the Trustees are to […]

Know Your Bombay!

Linking Road: Linking Road, previously known as Dadabhai Navroji Road, was one of the first arterial roads that ‘linked’ the suburbs of Bandra and Juhu, during the 1940s. Linking Road and Hill Road are two main shopping hubs for street stalls in the suburbs of Mumbai. Over the years, Linking Road has stretched beyond its […]

FEZANA Celebrates 30 Years!

The Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA) commemorated 30 glorious years, on 29th April, 2017, in the presence of all eight Presidents, at Houston. Hosted by the Zoroastrian Association of Houston at its center, along with their Congress Legacy 10th Anniversary Awards Function, the celebrations witnessed 90-year-old Er. Dr. Jehan Bagli, from Toronto, […]