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Your Monthly Numero-Tarot

January (Lucky Number – 8; Lucky Tarot Card – Strength): Confidence is the key to success. Learn to fight for your rights. Be practical. Follow your intuition. Do not give up trying to search the right path to reach your destination. Don’t rush into things without thinking. February (Lucky Number – 21; Lucky Tarot Card – World): As […]

5 Exercise Forms To Fight Depression

Studies show that exercise can be effective antidepressants in treating mild to moderate depression (and with side effects such as improved health and weight management, rather than the bloating and sexual dysfunction associated with medicines). How does moving the body change the mind? A wealth of work – both in the lab and with patients […]

Coping With Anger

Life can be like a roller coaster ride, at times open and smooth, at other times challenging to the extreme. What helps you manage both, is your ability to adapt and cope with that moment. The word ‘coping’ refers to the ability to deal effectively with something that is challenging and difficult as per the […]