Silly Point Productions Presents ‘Pretty Boman’! Sssshhhh!!! Boman Irani Doesn’t Know He’s In This Movie!!!

Bollywood star, Boman Irani is playing the lead in a movie… the only problem is Boman Irani doesn’t know he’s in the movie!!!  Trust Silly Point Productions to find a way to achieve this, considering they’ve overcome all the obstacles! Thanks to Covid-19, the theatres are shut, so they’ve decided to stream a movie online […]

Bachi Karkaria Authors ‘The Dowager And The Harlot’

Leading journalist and writer, known for her inimitable satire and exemplary writing style, Bachi Karkaria, recently unveiled her latest book, titled, ‘The Dowager And The Harlot’ (Kindle edition). Available on Amazon and published by Westland Books, as part of eleven new, exclusive short stories, ‘The Dowager And The Harlot’ is Bachi’s engrossing personal memoir about […]

Kudos Dr. Khushnuma Tata!

At the young age of twenty-six, Mumbai’s Godrej Baug resident – Khushnuma Tata, who teaches at Mumbai’s K C College as an Assistant Professor, has done the community proud by earning her Ph.D in Consumer Behaviour Towards Ready to Eat Food. She was awarded her Doctorate certification from the Governor of Mizoram. Her research papers […]