XYZ Turns Three!

On 16th December, 2017, Xtremely Young Zoroastrians (XYZ) celebrated its third annual day at the Bai Avabai Petit Girls’ High School with nine groups across XYZ putting up food and games stall. At the commencement of the funfair, XYZ granted wishes of twenty-five children suffering from life threatening diseases through ‘Make A Wish Foundation of […]

DPC’s ‘Colony Choir’ Spread Joy This Christmas

On 16th December, 2017, to welcome the season of celebrations, the senior citizens of Dadar, Wadala and Matunga were treated to Christmas carols by the Dadar Parsee Colony’s (DPC) ‘Colony Choir’ with Havovi Karanjia, Khurshid Engineer, Teenaz Bamji, Gulnaaz Engineer, Natasha Mistry, Pervin Pastakia, Armaity Mistry, Piloo Battiwala, Pearl Patel, Shernaz Talati and Urveez Kakalia. […]

Tribute To Amardad

. Ameretat or Amardad (Immortality) is the Seventh Amesha Spenta – Divine Energy/Force of Ahura Mazda which Zoroastrians call the “Bounteous Immortals.” In the Zoroastrian tradition, each Amesha Spenta has guardianship over a Good Creation of Ahura Mazda, thus representing the Presence of God in the physical world. Ameretat or Amardad represents Plants. A devout […]

Asha Vahishta – The Zoroastrian Center Inaugurated In Pune

On 25th December, 2017, Dadgah ‘Asha Vahishta – The Zoroastrian Center’, was inaugurated in Pune, under the umbrella of Association for Revival of Zoroastrianism (ARZ), which will have its doors open to intermarried Parsis and their children, as also Zoroastrian enthusiasts who seek a greater understanding about the religion. A jasan ceremony was performed which […]