From The Editor's Desk

From the Editors Desk

For Mother’s Sake! Dear Readers, The past couple of weeks has infused greater reality into the presence of the dreaded coronavirus, with an increasing number of community members testing COVID-19 positive. It has well entered the Baugs and some of our houses. We definitely need to ramp up our civic sense and stop making excuses […]

Letters to the Editor

Whom Should We Mourn For? This devil of Coronavirus has caused unprecedented horror and destruction to human life. When even the first-world, rich countries, with their high standards of hygiene and healthcare, have failed in driving away this deadly enemy, it is definitely not an easy task to contain the spreading of this powerful virus in an […]

Re-checking The Charities

Law-making in India has been taking a dangerous direction. Every scam, every fraud, every wrongdoing results in the enactment of new laws! Our law-makers believe that every wrongdoing can be prevented by bringing in new laws. They do not accept that scams can be prevented by effective implementation of existing laws. The ‘Satyam Scam’ (2009) […]