Film Review: Naam Shabana

The phenomenal success of the 2015 Neeraj Pandey directed ‘Baby’ (oh yes, it was Akshay Kumar’s baby back then) undoubtedly inspired him to write ‘Naam Shabana’, a prequel to explain the female protagonist’s entry into the faceless agency that looks after the country’s security. Shabana, a martial arts champion, lives with her mother Farida (Natasha […]

Film Review: Logan

Largely based on the graphic novel ‘Old Man Logan’ by Mark Millar and ‘X-23: Innocence Lost’ by Craig Kyle, Logan is the tenth and final instalment of the X-Men series, which premiered in 2000.  It is also the last of the three Wolverine films which debuted in 2009. Set in 2029, barely a dozen years […]

Film Review: John Wick : Chapter 2

The 2014 prequel ended with John Wick a widower and losing his puppy to the Russian assassins. Barely five days after the eventful first film, director Stahelski (who was a stuntman in Reeves’ Matrix Trilogy), unleashes a wave of some spectacular, and some all too predictable action scenes in John Wick : Chapter 2. Santino’s […]