XYZ’s Super Summer Camp!

Over 180 children participated in the week-long XYZ summer camp, across its centers in Colaba, Byculla, Dadar and Andheri. Day-1 kicked off the camp with a Humbandagi (a lovely practice marking the start of each day), and parents and children ‘twinning’ it up for the day in terms of dressing, playing fun games and bonding […]

Bharucha Baug Organises ‘Education Awards Nite’

The Bharucha Baug Education Association and Bharucha Baug Residents Welfare Association held an ‘Education Awards’ night at the grounds on 28th October, 2017. The event commenced with compere Hutoxi Aibara welcoming the audience and presenting a floral tribute to Chief Guest and BPP Chairman, Yazdi Desai, wife, Anahita Desai, and BPP Trustee, Kersi Randeria. Committee […]

Know Your Bombay

Four Bungalows Four Bungalows, in suburban Mumbai is a neighbourhood named after the ‘four bungalows’ that once existed there during the British occupation. Located three kilometres from Andheri station, in the vicinity of Lokhandwala Complex, it is popular as one of the most systematic and well-organized hub for shopping. The two main sites here are […]

Know Your Bombay

Mahakali Caves: Located in the eastern suburb of Andheri, Mumbai, Mahakali Caves (previously referred as Kondivite Caves) are a group of nineteen rock-cut caves built between 1st century BC and 6th century AD. Beautifully carved out of solid black basalt rock, the caves form two rows – four caves from the 4th – 5th century AD on […]

હોમી મહેતાને 100 વરસના જન્મદિનની શુભ કામનાઓ

વ્યક્તિ જ્યારે 100 વરસ પૂરા કરે છે ત્યારે તે ઘટના જાદુઈ અને અકલ્પનિય હોય છે ખરેખર, જેઓએ સદી ફટકારી છે તેઓ સારૂં નસીબ ધરાવે છે અને ભગવાન તેમના પક્ષમાં છે તેવાજ છે હોમી રૂસ્તમજી મહેતા 23મી જૂન 1917 ના રોજ કામા પાર્કમાં જન્મેલા તે ‘યુવાન’ માણસ. હોટલ કાર્લ રેસીડન્સી (અંધેરી) ખાતે છેલ્લા શુક્રવારના દિવસે આ […]

Know Your Bombay

Sewri Mangrove Park: Located along the eastern edge of South Mumbai, the Sewri Mangrove Park comprises 15 acres of mangroves in the mudflats between Sewri and Trombay and was declared a protected area by the Bombay Port Trust on 15th January, 1996. Over seven species of mangroves and twenty species of birds including the Flamingo, […]

Box-Cricket Tourney At Cama Park

Cama Park, Andheri organized All-Parsee box-cricket (underarm) tournament on 13th and 14th May, 2017, with 13 teams participating across Mumbai. This six-a-side, five-over contest witnessed engrossing knock-out stages. In the first semi-final, with the scores tied, Malcolm Baug and CJ witnessed a super-over. The heroic efforts of Shavir Afshai of Malcolm Baug managed to take […]