PT Push: Delzin Choksey

Delzin’s creative picture might me one of your most loved and forwarded social media message this Navroz. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Delzin Choksey moved to the US eight years ago for a degree in Masters in Animation. Having worked with various clients, concentrating primarily on graphic design, Delzin always wanted to concentrate on […]

Film Review: Moana

After having helmed ‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’, directors Clements and Musker have taken their animation legacy further in ‘Moana’. A once sea-faring nomadic tribe has now established residence on the Motumui Island, in ancient Polynesia. Moana (voiced by Hawaiian debutante teenager Auli’l Cravalho) defies her tribal Chief father’s decree not to venture beyond the […]