If It’s Sunday!

Darabsha has just finished lathering his toast with a generous amount of orange marmalade, after polishing off the two sunny-side ups, a slice of Swiss cheese… all the while complaining about the fraud committed by the Swiss cheese makers who cheat us of cheese by drilling holes in it. “I bet they do it after […]

Come September And The Theory of Diminishing Marginal Utility!

Come September, and one eagerly awaits the ‘lagan’ and ‘navjote’ season… looking droolingly forward to Patra-ni-machhi, chicken farcha, (or their other culinary avatars), a dollop of Bharuchi-akuri, and of course, the inevitable pulao-dar, alongside the other trimmings of a Lagan-nu-patru. Come February, and we are like – ‘OMG! Not again! Yet another invite and one […]