Beat The Wheat!

The humble chapatti is supposed to be wholesome and nourishing as it’s made from whole-wheat, compared to paav, which is made from refined wheat or maida. Often, I ask my diabetic patients in particular, and the wellness seeking clients in general, to replace wheat in their diet with millets. Today, let me explain the science […]

Back Up Now!

The human body is a perfect example of engineering at its best. The spine, in particular, poses as the perfect model for engineering and architecture students to understand how a good design can provide optimum performance of weight bearing, extreme degrees of mobility with strong stability, while protecting the delicate structure encased within. And in […]

Better Than Cure!

It gives me immense pleasure to know that most of our regular readers are now proactive about their health and wellness. In keeping with the times, there’s an alarmingly increased interest in understanding and fortifying ‘Immunity’, with numerous readers keeping my phone abuzz with queries on immunity. So today, let’s better understand this buzzword of […]