The King Has Returned

Iranshah, the Spiritual Monarch of the community, returned to His duly repaired and renovated abode, on 14th December, 2021. The Holy Fire was re-enthroned in the re-consecrated sanctum sanctorum on Roj Hormuzd (dedicated to the Supreme Divinity) of Mah Amardad (dedicated to the Divinity of Eternity). May Ahura Mazda’s Blessings continue to be showered through […]

Re-enthronement Of Holy Iranshah And The Significance Of Ijashne And Vendidad Ceremony

The main building where Iranshah is enthroned has been through extensive repairs and renovation. The Holy Fire, which had earlier been shifted to the adjoining building within the same complex, will now be ceremonially shifted back to the renovated building, but not before thoroughly purifying the renovated building, both – physically and ritually. Centuries ago, […]

Ardibehesht – The Embodiment of Truth, Righteousness And Divine Order

Ardibehesht is the second month of the Zoroastrian calendar. It is a month that celebrates, truth, righteousness, divine order and healing. Ardibehesht is an Amshaspand (Archangel) or Amesha Spenta (Bounteous Immortal) who presides over the energy of fire. Adar Yazad is a Hamkara or helper of Ardibehesht. It is for this reason that many fire temples were consecrated in this month, the most notable being the Anjuman Atash Behram which […]

Vendidad – The Law Against Forces of Evil

Among ancient Zoroastrian sacred texts, the Vendidad is probably the most significant – both historically and liturgically, and yet, it is condemned as an outdated ‘Zoroastrian Penal Code’ and the work of babbling Magi priests obsessed with imaginary demons and magic. Even today, many question the historical significance of the Vendidad. Let us understand that it is the only Nask or […]