Words Have Power!

We at Parsi Times are proud to announce the completion of ten amazing years. Undoubtedly – a time of jubilation and achievement, considering how far this publication has reached, in so short a time. But in keeping with the current challenging times, we have chosen to regard this milestone more as a time for deep […]

It Don’t Matter To Me!

One of the more difficult aspects about implementing changes in our life is how we deal with people. All relationships – with friends, family, colleagues or team-mates come with opinions, judgements and approval or disapproval. It’s certainly not unrealistic to seek approval and appreciation from those you know or at least, the ones who matter […]

Happy Woman’s Day!

. Ah yes! Every year March 8th is celebrated as International Woman’s Day, solely dedicated to the more or less 3.82 billion women that make up the population of the world, according to a 2019 census. By the number itself, a celebration is certainly in order, keeping in mind how female infanticides prevailed rampantly across […]