Cama Park Annual Function

One of the youngest Zoroastrian colonies in the suburbs, Merwanjee Cama Park, celebrated its Annual Day with great fanfare. Inspite of the rains, residents continued their celebrations and felicitations the following day. Young and promising Percy Amaria’s (who has perfored at the NCPA) rendition of Chaiyye Hume Zarthosti, followed by a few Bollywood and Western […]

હોમી મહેતાને 100 વરસના જન્મદિનની શુભ કામનાઓ

વ્યક્તિ જ્યારે 100 વરસ પૂરા કરે છે ત્યારે તે ઘટના જાદુઈ અને અકલ્પનિય હોય છે ખરેખર, જેઓએ સદી ફટકારી છે તેઓ સારૂં નસીબ ધરાવે છે અને ભગવાન તેમના પક્ષમાં છે તેવાજ છે હોમી રૂસ્તમજી મહેતા 23મી જૂન 1917 ના રોજ કામા પાર્કમાં જન્મેલા તે ‘યુવાન’ માણસ. હોટલ કાર્લ રેસીડન્સી (અંધેરી) ખાતે છેલ્લા શુક્રવારના દિવસે આ […]

Box-Cricket Tourney At Cama Park

Cama Park, Andheri organized All-Parsee box-cricket (underarm) tournament on 13th and 14th May, 2017, with 13 teams participating across Mumbai. This six-a-side, five-over contest witnessed engrossing knock-out stages. In the first semi-final, with the scores tied, Malcolm Baug and CJ witnessed a super-over. The heroic efforts of Shavir Afshai of Malcolm Baug managed to take […]

Box Cricket Tournament At Cama Park

‘Cama Box Cricket Premier League’ organised by Cama Park on 27th November, 2016, had over fifty participants including its residents and players from Salsette Colony. Hosted with upbeat music, live running commentary, tea/soft drinks and a well maintained pitch (keeping the peace and tranquillity of the colony in mind), participants ranged from 18 to 70 […]

Cama Park Annual Athletics

In the mid-80s when Tata Housing Development Company envisaged Cama Park, one wonders whether they constructed the circular interior road of 400m (the identical distance for track events), by design or inadvertently. This track, particularly the gradient in a few places, has motivated the youth of Cama Park colony, Andheri and benefited them at excelling […]

Centurion In Waiting

Merwanjee Cama Park’s oldest resident Homi Mehta celebrated his 99th birthday on June 23.  Hoshang K. Katrak reports. With 24 hours still to go for Midsummer day, the warmth in Cama Park was palpable. And as impromptu efforts were being made by the senior citizens of the society to celebrate the grand old man’s birthday, […]