Adarji Angrez!

During my long life, I’ve collected many friends with strange habits and weird outlooks… next level eccentrics! A fair number of them are plain, home-grown-garden variety of loonies, few atheists, a couple of agnostics, many religious fanatics, a handful of hypochondriacs, one narcissist, some faddists and, last but not the least, an Anglophile, better known within […]

Letters To The Editor

Thoughts About Our Youth Having heard the speech delivered by Dr. Adil Malia at Sanjan on Sanjan Day – it felt heartening and optimistic. He emphasized how the Zoroastrian religion would thrive despite some of the doomsday prophets’ bleak outlook. This set me thinking about the continuity of Zoroastrianism well beyond pessimistic pronouncements of some […]