Torne la Genielata

I had just written the above title and had gone to relieve myself when I heard a scream, “Darabshaaaa!” Normally, my wife Ruttie lets out such a scream when she comes across a cockroach or some such vermin, but this scream sounded in bold fonts, so I realized I was in trouble. I hurried to […]


February 14 is celebrated the world over as ‘Mush Day’, also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine Valentine’s Day or more popularly, simply, Valentine’s Day. It celebrates one of the noblest of all the human emotions and virtues – Love. Indeed a foul-word, but so sweet, so noble. Soft to hear, neither gross nor […]

It’s Wedding Time

Weddings are coming, weddings are coming, Jewelers, caterers, couturiers are coming too, Designer dresses, shoes by Choo Antique sarees, Gold-rich kors, resplendent garas, Chocker sets and old-time vaaras Pagris and daglis fine. It’s time to wine and dine There are songs in the air, There’s joy everywhere ‘cause it’s the wedding time. Come September (Not […]