Nergish Bamji Scores A Century!

Completing a notable ninety-nine years, Sir JJ Girls’ High School’s Grand Old Lady, Nergish Kaikobad Bamji, celebrates her centenary today! Born to Bachubai and Kaikobad Bamji on 2nd July, 1917 (Mah Dae, Roj Ashishwang), she grew up to achieve greatness, just like Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, the founder of the school, where she served with love, […]

Paoryotakaesh To Vidaevo Ahura – Takesho

Before the advent of Zoroaster, there was Mazdayasnism – the oldest religion in the world. The great soul, our prophet, Zoroaster, redefined Mazdayasnism by fostering its evolution towards a more positive and spiritual approach, that would bring in peace and harmony between mankind and nature. Religious scholar and enthusiast, PT writer Dara Khodaiji shares some […]