Tribute: Dasturji Kukadaru Saheb’s 186th Birth Anniversary

26th May, 2017 marks the 186th Birth Anniversary of one of our most revered, prayed-to and loved saints, Jamshedji Sohrabji Kukadaru Saheb. Known as the Zarthosti Saint of the 19th Century, Dasturji Kukadaru’s life is exemplary about unparalleled devotion to Ahura Mazda, Zarathustra and their beautiful creation – the Mazdayasni-Zarthosti Religion. Born on 26th May, […]


Every year, Dae Mahino, Khorshed Roj is observed as Zarthost-No-Diso, or the day that our beloved prophet, Zarathustra left the earthly, mortal life.  This year, Zarthost-No-Diso falls on Wednesday, the 24th of May, 2017. Special prayer sessions are organized on this day, with prayers and religious discourses focusing on the life and works of our […]