‘Hvarekhshaeta’, The Sun, Is The King Of The Day, As Maonghah, The Moon, Is The Queen Of Night

‘Hvarekhshaeta’ – The Sun, Is The King Of The Day… Marvelous and endless is thy Universe, Creator divine! There are worlds besides our world and suns besides our glorious sun. Every one of the distant suns is larger than our sun, and has planetary bodies revolving round it in their fixed orbits. From above the […]

Endurance Is The Prime Sustaining Virtue

Zarathushtra beseeches Ahura Mazda to bless him with the virtues of endurance and durability. Equipped with these formidable weapons, he confronted all opposition and silently and heroically bore persecution. He shirked not his stupendous responsibility and abandoned not his sublime mission. He remained cheerful and optimistic and with unwavering confidence in the success of his […]